Bewitching Neeko – STL 3D Files


!! This is a digital product


These 3D files will be useful to make your own Bewitching Neeko cosplay! ♥

STL 3D Files to download – Here is what you will get:
• Bewitching Neeko’s dress – Gold Part + Gem
• Bewitching Neeko’s dress – Flasks
• Bewitching Neeko’s necklace – Gold part + Gem

/!\ Gold parts are designed to be wrapped with extensible fabric. Which means there will be a space between the gold parts and the gems! I recommend to sand your 3D prints with abrasive paper before wrapping them with fabric or priming/painting.


This product is only a bunch of 3D files made by myself and does not include a tutorial or instructional guide.
Files are compressed in a ZIP file, you will have to unzip it to get the STL files.
Size of the 3D models are made in the size I used them for my own cosplay, but you can easily scale them to fit your project desires.

If you have any question, feel free to email me or message me on Instagram [tamaigaru_cosplay]! 🙂


DISCLAIMER: All my 3D models (including this one) are for personal use only. Files are for you to 3D print for yourself, your family members or friends. Any sharing, reselling or modifying files in any way is strictly prohibited. By purchasing this item you are agreeing to comply with these terms.



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