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Fox skull mask – S H A D O W ♥

Once or twice a year, I imagine and then create a collection made up of three items on the same theme, in similar colors.

Discover all my previous collections below! ♥

Rekyo | 2023 collection

WOLF Skull Ears - Tsukyo
FOX Skull Mask - Rukyo
OWL Skull Mask - Onkyo

Earth | 2023 collection

OWL Skull Mask - Zukuri
FOX Skull Mask - Teishi
ONI Mask - Shodo

Witchcraft | 2022 collection

WOLF Skull Ears - Salem
FOX Skull Mask - Hecate
OWL Skull Mask - Nyx

Bloodmoon | 2021 collection

WOLF Skull Ears - Bloody Princess
FOX Skull Mask - Bloody Empress
ONI Mask - Bloody Evil